Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ceiling Inspired

Ceilings are an obsession of mine. It started at an early age gawping at the double cornicing gracing my first home in Glasgow. I would marvel for hours at the multitude of shapes I could muster out of plaster.

The obsession grew stronger at church. Each Sunday, sermons were wasted on me as I alleviate boredom by gazing skyward.

There have been a plethora of stubbed toes as roofs distract me while walking. The graceful gene eludes me you see.

So it makes perfect sense that I reference some of my favourite ceilings while attempting to go through the design process ahead of my capsule clothing collection.

This is St John's in Edinburgh, right at the corner of Lothian Road and Princes Street. It's a little slice of architectural Elysium. Enjoy.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy belated birthday Mr John Singer Sargent

One of favourite artist John Singer Sargent (12 January 1856 – 14 April 1925) has been haunting me as I research patterns ahead if a new project spun off my dress making challenge.

At high school water colours were my medium of choice during my art days. This guy was a massive influence.

The way he paints light reflecting on water makes me want to weep.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

No excuse

The last four weeks have been a blur.

And no, I'm not talking Christmas, it's another C word that caused commotion.

Chanel swept into the city at the start of December showcasing their Metiers D'Art collection in the beauty of Linlithgow Palace.

It was a fashion fairytale from start to finish. But it was only the beginning of a mental a la mode month.

Hackett opened their first store outside London here on George Street and to celebrate we had a lovely intimate dinner with Jeremy and his team inside the new premises.

Our 'skins' shoot was published in Spectrum just before the festivities and there were another two shoots to squeeze into the Evening News before the turn of the year. One scaling the top of the big wheel in tumbling temperature with a model wearing teeny, tiny clothes *see pics*.

Mulberry blessed Multrees walk with a fabulous new branch housing their ready to wear collection alongside accessories. The press team came up to take the Herald gals and I out for lunch to talk over a successful year for the buoyant British Brand.

Then I ended the year on 5 Live with old radio pals Bruce Devlin and Gordon Dallas watching the fireworks from a birds nest high above Princes Street.

What a way to say ta ta to 2012.