Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hotel Missoni Spa Sensation

Escaping domestic duties in the name of work guarantees a hall pass in my house.

So sampling the spa at Hotel Missoni was always going to be a long day at the office *wink*.

My skin has been a horror show since my sons arrival last year. Dehydration has left liney hallmarks all over my twenty eight year old face and no amount of cleanse, tone and moisturise was fixing it.

Had I known a trip here would do the trick I'd have clocked in months ago.

Now, I'm no stranger to a spa but I have to say the treatment performed on me was unlike anything I've ever tried before.

When the therapist whipped out a machine complete with metal ball apparatus which pluses electric currents through your face, I thought she was joking.

As I lay there being lightly tasered, the taste of metal building in my mouth (don't worry, I was per warned this was safe and normal during treatment) relaxation was the furthest thing on my mind. I was intrigued by every roller motion feeling much more quizzical than tranquil. Muscles I never knew existed twitched before being soothed by warm waxy brush strokes of oil across the skin.

When it was all over I was informed to take my time getting off the treatment table and join my therapist in the chill out zone.

Except I didn't need time. I bolted upright the second she left feeling full of energy. It was as if I'd been injected with espresso. Bouncing towards the mirror for a look my skin appeared plump and dewy. I've never seen it respond to a treatment so well.

Discussing this with the therapist she informed it was the electric currents that put the skin tissue under a work out. On top of that she popped some rose, sandalwood and evening primrose essential oil on my face which I've subsequently become obsessed with.

My skin has never looked better and the treatment was three weeks ago.

*I had a facial with the Aroma Radiance Lift Machine*

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