Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lynne McCrossan: We wear style with pride and subtlety, louis - Features - Scotsman.com

This weeks column...

Lynne McCrossan: We wear style with pride and subtlety, louis - Features - Scotsman.com

THERE is never any love lost when someone you don’t particularly find stylish has a pop at your outfit.

So when I heard Louis Vuitton had left Edinburgh out of their city guide I actually felt quite relieved.

After all, they cite a 50-year-old woman who prances around in questionable leotards as a muse – sorry, Madonna, but it’s true.

And they think emblazoning the front of accessories with a million monogram letters looks chavvy, I mean, classy.

This city has a much more subtle sense of style. Something I’m very comfortable with. Take last week, for example. Harvey Nichols held an intimate Q&A with design sensation Jonathan Saunders. His clothing is wearable works of art. Simple and elegant, easily worn by all ages and style aesthetics.

As I scanned the crowd at the event I was thrilled to see the plethora of creative talent in attendance. Writers, artists, lecturers and models all mingled amongst the beauty of the collection.

On top of that, we held an International Fashion Festival, which is still racking up press interest from the likes of Italian Vogue, and our fashion schools are attracting design legends, such as Michael Kors, onto Campus.

And lest I forget the worst-kept secret in fashion at the moment. Chanel bringing a show to Edinburgh this December. If I had to make a choice, it would be for King Karl over Vuitton every day of the week.

*for fashion insider and capital catwalk click on the link.*

Monday, 22 October 2012

Fashion: Rock chic - Fashion - Scotsman.com

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of my Rock Chick Chic fashion spread.

**For the full article click on the scotsman link below.**

It was a wonderful shoot and we had the pleasure of having Kassidy come on location ahead of their gig this Sunday at the Liquid Rooms as part of Haddowdest.

My inspiration and muse on this shoot was Ms Edie Sedgwick. No one did gig dressing like this lass. Andy's factory superstar was all about stealing the show. So get the door knocker earrings out and head down to Haddowfest this Sunday.

Fashion: Rock chic - Fashion - Scotsman.com

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hotel Missoni Spa Sensation

Escaping domestic duties in the name of work guarantees a hall pass in my house.

So sampling the spa at Hotel Missoni was always going to be a long day at the office *wink*.

My skin has been a horror show since my sons arrival last year. Dehydration has left liney hallmarks all over my twenty eight year old face and no amount of cleanse, tone and moisturise was fixing it.

Had I known a trip here would do the trick I'd have clocked in months ago.

Now, I'm no stranger to a spa but I have to say the treatment performed on me was unlike anything I've ever tried before.

When the therapist whipped out a machine complete with metal ball apparatus which pluses electric currents through your face, I thought she was joking.

As I lay there being lightly tasered, the taste of metal building in my mouth (don't worry, I was per warned this was safe and normal during treatment) relaxation was the furthest thing on my mind. I was intrigued by every roller motion feeling much more quizzical than tranquil. Muscles I never knew existed twitched before being soothed by warm waxy brush strokes of oil across the skin.

When it was all over I was informed to take my time getting off the treatment table and join my therapist in the chill out zone.

Except I didn't need time. I bolted upright the second she left feeling full of energy. It was as if I'd been injected with espresso. Bouncing towards the mirror for a look my skin appeared plump and dewy. I've never seen it respond to a treatment so well.

Discussing this with the therapist she informed it was the electric currents that put the skin tissue under a work out. On top of that she popped some rose, sandalwood and evening primrose essential oil on my face which I've subsequently become obsessed with.

My skin has never looked better and the treatment was three weeks ago.

*I had a facial with the Aroma Radiance Lift Machine*

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Fashion: Edinburgh ready to showcase its style - Fashion - Scotsman.com

Fashion: Edinburgh ready to showcase its style - Fashion - Scotsman.com

My shoot and fashion feature with the very talented team at EOLFW...

Edinburgh Online Fashion Week is the newest addition to the city’s growing fashion events calendar.

Beginning on Monday, October 22, the comprehensive schedule brings together fashion houses, boutiques, independent designers and graduates from across the city, showcasing the best of Edinburgh talent and style over five days.

Filmed in the iconic back drop of the Quartermile development, EOFW merges high street, high end, vintage and new talent all at the comfort of your fingertips.

We went behind the scenes ahead of their premiere broadcast to show you a sneak peek of what to expect from the 

Everything is wearer friendly and consumer led. The collections are ready to wear and, most importantly, ready to buy in the city now.

There will be three shows a day streamed online, starting with designer and high street, teaming House of Fraser with Scottish Fashion Award-winning shoe store Shhhh.

Tuesday and Wednesday is the turn of local boutiques such as Goodstead, Kakao by K and new cult denim emporium ALC 

This moves to established independent designers on Thursday, with shows from Psycho Moda, Tea at Aunties and Nicci N.

The event wraps up on Friday with exciting young graduates Jennifer Morris, Fiona Somerville and Maxine Miller.

The concept came to event director Gary Anderson while taking a Lothian bus across town.

“It was so simple, I couldn’t believe no-one had tried it before,” he said.

Over the last eight months he has gone about assembling a team through the powers of the internet, connecting with people via social networks – all while attending Edinburgh Napier University where he studies festival and events with marketing.

The flashing lights of fashion are a long way from his roots on the shop floor at Tesco. There, he worked his way up the managerial ladder only to discover at the tender age of 25 that he wanted to try something different.

It’s this work ethic that propelled him to take on the mammoth challenge of creating an online fashion week for the city while studying.

In the beginning, everyone gave up an evening a week while planning came together. Soon Gary’s creative team consisted of Dickson Reid Hairdressing, celebrity make-up artist Lauren Gollan and her pro make-up artistry team, photographer Dawn Marie Jones, stylists Megan Cunningham and Laura Blyth, as well as a filming crew from 47 film.

It has resulted in a super glossy exhibit of eclectic Edinburgh style. And what makes it even better is you have the choice when and where to watch it all.

Lynne McCrossan: Who wouldn’t be distracted by a naked heiress - Fashion - Scotsman.com

Lynne McCrossan: Who wouldn’t be distracted by a naked heiress - Fashion - Scotsman.com


When you are on a deadline the best thing to do is clear the decks and avoid distractions.

But that’s a bit of a luxury when space is at a premium in your one-bed Gorgie flat filled to the rafters with baby bumph, bulldog beds, Belfast boy’s clutter and an ever expanding wardrobe – mine, not his.

So whenever I touch base with the book agent as she inquires how manuscript number two is coming, I divulge my world of distraction in the vain hope she’ll understand the snail pace writing plan.

She always does, and her sage words of encouragement are just the tonic to get me back on track. Until the next inevitable distraction. Except this one is a biggie. She’s Marchesa Luisa Casati, the eccentric Italian heiress who blew her vast inheritance and amassed a debit of $25 million bankrupting herself by 1930. She would take walks naked beneath leopard print furs and wanted to be known as a living work of art.

I initially started researching her as a character who passed though my fictional herione’s life. But since truth is stranger than fiction the Marchesa’s real story has bewitched me. I’m now face first in her autobiography, meaning I’m reading, not writing. Oops.


It’s time to ditch the big bag for something a little smaller. This season say ta ta to anything bigger than an envelope sized clutch as hand bags are being minimized for maxine effect. It doesn’t matter the material, colour or style, just as long as it only has room for your keys, purse, phone and lippie. It’s like the fashion world is feng shui’ing our wardrobes.