Thursday, 13 September 2012

Indian Summer

An Indian Summer is on the card this September but it has nothing to do with the weather.

Embroidery, gold accents and rich opulent fabrics have hit the high street giving us one last colour burst before the subdued side into autumnal trends.

Take a leaf out of traditional Indian dressing and layer clothing. It is all about draping which is flattering across the board on age and body shape.

Team dresses over trousers, add scarves for more fabric definition and place embellished sheer tops over light lace dresses.

You want to create the illusion of a lot of rich fluid fabric. For dramatic evening dressing introduce black and gold together. Depending on how game you are throw in a piece of ornamental head wear. You can paint on a simple bindi with make-up or pin some statement jewellery into your hair.

Maxi dresses are a great way of gaining maximum material drop and there’s an abundance of them around. Imitate a Sari and opt for beading work on your frock. This can be as subtle or spectacular as you like.

Tear drop jewels in the hair line that rest on the forehead simulate Indian bridal head pieces called Tikka’s. These are really easy to do with necklaces secured to the hair with pins. Finish the whole thing off by flinging a large statement piece of jewellery over the top of the frock.

We’ve seen a lot of studded embellishment on clothing over the last few seasons. This look featured heavily in Versace's diffusion line for H&M in the summer. Pairing a daring dress over the top some brocade breeks will gives a westernised feel to the Indian trouser top combos called Salwar’s.

Throw a little 1970s reference in by popping on a pair of patterned cigarette pants with a sparkly vest. Add chunky beads in fresh citrus tones to emulated more exaggerated bead work to the neck line of the top.

Use accessories to enhance the outfit. Large gold cuffs and waterfall necklaces will work best. Choose pieces that look like they have been sewn into the design of your garment as it will give the illusion of hand stitched embroidery without the hassle of any needle work which will save you a fortune.

Maxi Dress £59.99 H&M
Purple shoes nine west £145.00
Necklace £20.00 Topshop
Necklace on head Debenhams £18.00

Dress £29.99
Trousers £24.00 both H&M
Necklace on head £16.00 Debenhams

All Zara
Boots £80.00
Dress £89.00
Top £40.00

Images by Phil Wilkinson
Venue Rutland Hotel Edinburgh
Model: Hannah Colours Agency - Model and Creative Management

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