Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Every cloud has a Kohl lining

One cold, wet and miserable November evening four friends huddled around a table in a bar off the Royal Mile.

A disappointing 2009 was drawing to a close as the group discussed a fragile project while nursing chilled Chardonnay.

The project was Kohl Publishing. The girl's were Leila Cruikshank, Lesley Dickson, Christine Wilson and myself. We had been bound together that year while publishing my own book 'A Girl's Guide To Vintage' through the publishing house they worked for at the time.

Without them my first book would never have happened, for that I'm eternally grateful.

As we threw around the grand notion of a female friendly publishers based in Scotland I could tell this wasn't just some fictional fantasy. I could see a grit and determination growing in Leila and Lesley and was excited by their willingness to want to change their own destiny.

Three years on those two girl stood up proudly at the Edinburgh Book Festival showing their new baby off to the world introducing their first book to the market. As I watched from the shadows at the back of the room I thought I might burst with pride.

This is what a dream looks like when you apply a little hard work to it.

Congrats Chica's!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

Thursday saw the kick off of Edinburgh's first International Fashion Festival.

The programme has had a plethora of people to pop in and see. Based around the concept of Edinburgh being a creative hub during the month of August EIFF's creative director, Anna Freemantle, wanted to reflect global fashion in the Scottish capital attracting directors, designers, photographers, philosophers and musicians.

It encompasses every aspect of style and how we project our own self to the world through the medium of fashion

The last three days has been the friendliest fashion gathering I have ever attended. Exhibition space is merged with film screenings and catwalk shows and everyone had just milled around soaking in the sumptuous surroundings.

Tonight see the return of Pam Hogg to a Scottish Catwalk and after seeing the success of the Bebaroque and Aimee McWilliam's shows the pervious two night I know this one will be the cherry on top of the festival.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Kate Moss for Love Magazine

Ms Moss has managed to morphed her way through the world of modeling maintaining an air of cool.

I can think of no other woman in her field that captures cult fashion like she, while comfortably crossing to couture.

Her latest editorial for LOVE magazine has been shot in a way all fashionistas come to expect of Moss in editorial, with her tits out in an arty way. Fabulous.

The bi annual bible's images are breathtaking, as you would expect, but there was a boobie question bobbing in the air at LILP.

When is it time to t total the titty shots?

What do you think?

*Images from issue 8 of LOVE magazine on sale now. Photos by Tim Walker.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Marc Jacob Resort Collection 2013 looks familiar

Rainy Sunday afternoons are spent blog browsing at LILP HQ.

While scrolling through The Fashion Editor at Large I was hooked on their Olympic Opening Ceremony post by Bethan Holt. The countries comparisons to collections was inspired. Guyana was twinned with Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 showcase so I had to find out more as I hadn't peeked at it yet.

There's a real heavy floral vibe in vibrant colour. Vogue said it 'sampled the linear seventies, the puffball eighties, and deconstructed nineties' which there's definite hints off but I think the longer gowns scream Schiaparelli.

The thirties were by far the most fashion forward decade we've ever encountered and Elsa Schiaparelli's slinky simple shapes with bold prints seem to be the style inspiration behind Marc Jacobs summer duds.

It also sprouted a style memory circa 2009. Here's Zoe&I in a wee photo shoot for A Girl's Guide To Vintage in two bright trench coats. In my mind I'm convinced Marc found a copy of my book and was so inspired he created a collection round it.... and then I woke up!

Behind the scenes Olympic Fashion Shoot

Here are some sneaky snaps from behind the scenes of our Evening News Olympics fashion spread.

Our photographer Phil Wilkinson busted out his best techniques, even using a pink plastic bag as a lighting tool on set. I do love a bit of improvisation.

Here's to more British gold medals #goteamGB

Lynne McCrossan: As the peroxide sizzled i felt myself returning - Fashion - Scotsman.com

This weeks column...

Lynne McCrossan: As the peroxide sizzled i felt myself returning - Fashion - Scotsman.com

Debbie Harry and her alabaster hair was the starting point for my long love affair with peroxide.

I was 14 when I discovered Blondie and my virgin hair was mousy brown when a home dye job done by my auntie went horribly wrong for my mother’s hair but proved absolutely perfectly for mine.

Instead of simple, subtle highlights my heavy-handed aunt pulled my whole head of hair through the cap.

Fast forward 13 years, five shades of bleach lighter and numerous head shaves due to bleach damage and I was faced with a colour conundrum no dye junkie wants to face.

Grow out the blonde or dye your hair brown because you are pregnant.

There’s a ton of conflicting “dos” and “don’ts” when you are with child, and smearing your bonce with bleach once a month was one “don’t” I begrudgingly adhered 

I went au naturale for 18 months and even though it was my real hair colour I couldn’t shake the feeling I wasn’t myself. I’d look in the mirror and think something was missing. So last week I returned to my roots and went for a blissful full-head bleach. And as my scalp sizzled under the chemical reaction I could feel myself returning.

It’s so cliché, and I even hate myself a little for writing this, but blondes do have more bloody fun.

Fashion Insider

It’s that time of year every true Capital fashionista eagerly awaits, the Jane Davidson summer sale. I popped in last week as they were marking down stock, and there’s designer clobber for £20. Go take advantage before they realise.

My muse&me.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mid Summers Night Dream at Harvey Nichols

On a rather balmy Wednesday evening Harvey Nic's flung open its doors to welcome the Edinburgh Festival with a little party of its own.

The first floor was flooded with Mid Summers Night Dream references intertwined between cosmetics and accessories. All of it washed down with bubbly.

Scotland's grand master of burlesque, Tina Warren, took to a pretty pink stage for a subtle strip tease. Her canary yellow frock yelling from the platform as it was flirtatiously flung to the floor.

Between acts a trip to the MAC counter was in order with my girlfriend, where I fell in love with a bubble gum pink stain and she finally gave into the power of lip stick. The silly billy thought she was strictly a gloss girl until staring at her incredibly blue eyes courtesy of a coral concoctions by the brand. Safe to say she's now a convert.

Finally Ms Lou Hickey wrapped up the performances with a smokey rendition of a Motown classic and then it was off home with a fuzzy head fit for bed.


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fashion: The Olympic look - Fashion - Scotsman.com

A summer of sport has infiltrated the high street as gym gear gets glam for this season’s most topical trend.

Prepare your PE kit for a pimping as sports luxe is in full swing.

We’re not talking grotty old trainers teamed with crumpled T-shirts and sweat bands. This look is all about bringing a little luxury into the world of sport. So if you are thinking of taking Eric Prydz’ 
Call On Me video as inspiration, think again.

It’s a marvellous mixture of masculine and feminine lines merged into one look, giving the wearer room to dress up casual pieces of clothing. Or even better, dress down the vampier items you own.

Add meshing, wet look finishes, exposed zips, metallics and statement footwear to any look and you’ll be sports luxe ready.

Hi top trainers are back in a big way. Teaming them with an interesting textured mini and simple white top will really work. Go for a peplum or break out the pleather in the skirt department to tap into a more designer led look.

Introducing metallic knits with denim is a really easy way of wearing the trend. J Brand Jeans have just brought out a treated pair of denims that appear to have a rubbery coating painted over the top of the fabric. Top it all off with some 18-carat gold sunglasses by Victoria Beckham, they are like the fashion equivalent of an Olympic gold medal.

Just because we’re talking sport doesn’t mean you have to say ta ta to the sequins. Take silver in the game of style by adding a spot of glitz to leggings. There are a lot of panelled bottoms around the high street right now, marrying sport with style effortlessly.

Dress down the classic little black dress with a sneaker that has a style secret. 
The wedge trainer looks like a regular hi-top from the outside, but inside there’s a built in wedge giving your calf that sculpted look without hours on the cross trainer.

Silver seems to be the colour of 
the moment. Team textured skirts in 
molten shades with statement heels for a little fashion injection. Remember, the higher the heel, the tougher the work out, so go as tall as possible when picking shoes.

Dressing the look for work is easy if you opt for a subtle nod to the trend. Textured panelling on dresses are a good way to wear the look without going too extreme. Pop a leather bomber jacket over the top of your frock for that extra sports luxe edge.

• Charlie Banks at Colours Modelling Agency. Make-up by Suzanne at YSL Debenhams. Photos taken at Scotsman Hotel and Spa.

Fashion: The Olympic look - Fashion - Scotsman.com

Look 3
The 'Yaldie Flirt' skirt by Isla Skye £35.00
Top Warehouse £18.00
Adidas at USC £77.00

Look 1
Sequin top £45.00 River Island
Leggings Debenhams £20.00
DVF silver clutch £325.00 from Jane Davidson.

Look 2
Gold knit jumper by DVF £445.00 from Jane Davidson
J Brand Jeans £235.00 from Jane Davidson
18 carat gold sunglasses by Victoria Beckham £495.00 from Jane Davidson
Python studded Valentino pumps £440.00 Pam Jenkins

Look 4
'Yaldie' pleather dress £45.00 from Isla Skye
Trainers £40.00 River Island

Look 5
Silver skirt £25.00 River Island
T shirt £16.00 river island
Studded heels Christian Louboutin £950.00 from Pam Jenkins
Ear cuff £10.00 River Island