Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Crisp country strolls in Corstorphine and Hillwood House

Nothing beats bundling the boys into the back of the car for an afternoon stroll up Corstorphine hill.

The woods are nestled in between a golf course and Edinburgh Zoo high on the hill giving it breath taking panoramic views of the city.

I've always had a soft spot for the place. Partly because it has a little bit of history right at the foot of the hill.

Here the park meets a border line with a very impressive private property called Hillwood House.

Build in the late 1800's it became home to the Drambuie family in the 1920's. It remained so until the death of Malcolm MacKinnon, founder and chairman of Drambuie in 1945 before being sold off by his son. From there Edinburgh Council acquired it in the 60s, letting it fall into disrepair for the next three decades. Then in 1994 Malcolm MacKinnon's grandchildren bought it back reinstating it as Drambuie's HQ.

The reason I know all of this is because in 2005 the fate of this stately house was to change yet again as it went up for sale due to company restructuring.

In 2006 I was guided around the impressive pile by estate agents Rettie&Co, not to buy (alas I've never had a spare 3 million pounds to hand) but because I was producing a radio show and we were planning on discussing Drambuie's history.

The place left a massive impress with me because even though it was vast there was something very homely about it. It felt like there had been a lot of love and happy time in the room and I hope whoever calls it home now feels the same staying in it.

I'm sure I have images of it stashed away on an old camera some where, so I shall have a look and pop them up online.

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