Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lynne McCrossan: Sew stressful as I prepare for fashion awards - Fashion -

Lynne McCrossan: Sew stressful as I prepare for fashion awards - Fashion -

THERE is a decision I need the readers of this regal paper to help me with.

One that could potentially have ramifications reverberating around the rest of my life. The choice is leopard print or tutu, and I ask you – what would you do?

Tonight is the Scottish Fashion Awards. I shall be backstage interviewing triumphant winners and commiserating losers.

Except I’ve put myself in a precarious position. I’m making my own dress for Scotland’s biggest night in fashion.

Why? I hear you cry. Because I clearly want to give myself a stomach ulcer before I’m 30 with all the stress.

Last week the lassies at John Lewis put me through sewing machine 101.

I must admit, being shown the stitches brought me out in sweats. Those famous last words of “like I’ll ever need to know how to sew” as I dodged home economics at high school came crashing back to haunt me as the simplicity of it all seemed much more astrophysics than I’d planned for.

I selected the fabric for two frocks and now I need you to tell me which one is fit for the tartan carpet.

A full length floating chiffon maxi dress in my signature leopard print? Or powder pink tuelle with silk overlay that would make any prima ballerina proud?

What’s it to be? Leave and comment below to tell me.


The resounding winner on twitter was pink tutu frock. I had to style up this sugary sweet creation with some studded leather and Vivieene Westwood heels

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