Thursday, 21 June 2012

David Black my new fashion fetish

When religion fuses with fashion you know you are onto a winner.

So when I was given the green light from the minister of St Cuthberts here in Edinburgh to do a photo shoot my prayers had been answered.

You see, inside the church is a small war memorial that's home to a tiny domed alter, covered completely in gold leaf mosaic. Agatha Christie wed there in the 1930s elevating the chapel to cult status around the globe. For a decade I've lusted after it and finally I was let loose inside to shoot.

What made the day even more momentous was photographing David Black's collection there. The Heriot Watt graduate has a touch of early 90s Gianni Versace about is work but with a wicked sense of Scottish melancholy surging through his design's. It's this darkness in the brightly coloured frocks that give Black an edge.

This boy is definitely one to watch...

Check out Monday's Edinburgh Evening News for our 'Gothic Summer' fashion shoot which David features in.

Monday, 18 June 2012

It’s easy to see how Edinburgh College of Art’s young designers picked up prizes at Graduate Fashion Week - Fashion -

Here's the ECA Fashion Graduate shoot and fashion feature.....

It’s easy to see how Edinburgh College of Art’s young designers picked up prizes at Graduate Fashion Week - Fashion -

Hot on the heels of Graduate Fashion Week in London, Edinburgh College of Art has done the city proud by picking up awards with fourth year collections.

Riona Horrox picked up the Menswear Award for her work entitled Jack the Lad, which featured huge Mongolian furs flung over the shoulders of her models, underneath burnt orange oversized shirts which added colour to her casual jacket and jeans.

Beside Riona’s work is Jacob Birge’s Symmetric Strategy collection. This sci-fi look to structured clothing was inspired by the relationship between computers and humans but also has a bug-like quality with its armoured lines.

Emma Hardstaff bagged the Textile Award for her pink quilted collection. Her skirt/coat combos were topped off with pink wicker hats that have a crumple texture. Emma’s skirt and hat are worn with another ECA alum’s collection in our photos. The leather pieces that have native American and Aztec influence stitched into them belong to Nicola Davidson.

When 1940s film noir meets bubblegum chic you get the combined collections of Jacquline McLardie and Katie Bremner. Floaty silk chiffon was partnered with leather tops to give a tough edge to a very feminine collection from Jacquline. Katie’s work, meanwhile, was full of fun, mixing bold colours with fringy textures.

Louise Bennet’s work was all about layering in muted tones and ochre. It had a little utilitarian feel to it, and looks great broken down to show off bare legs. Photographed with the intricate knitwear of Marie Leiknes, the bold colours of this jumper dress looked fantastic over the top of Bryony Grant’s full white skirt and pussy cat bowed, plumed sleeved denim shirt.

Farah Saffar’s fluid and fragile knits work well paired with classmate Raj Mistry’s rubber jacket, while Katarzyna Krzywania mixed sports luxe with ladylike poise in her structured orange and silver-panelled dress. This is styled with a piece from Lyndsay McNeill’s linear tailored collection in muted grey and slate tones with pops of purple.

Dan William James Prasad’s clean lines in shiny fabrics from his menswear collection added texture and depth when photographed beside Ainslie Hogg’s bright baroque women’s two-piece.

Pairing this year’s class collections together makes it easy to see why they were awarded best stand/exhibition space at the Graduate Fashion Week. Congratulations ECA.

Images by Jayne Wright
Models Eunice & Lamsa

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lynne McCrossan: Sew stressful as I prepare for fashion awards - Fashion -

Lynne McCrossan: Sew stressful as I prepare for fashion awards - Fashion -

THERE is a decision I need the readers of this regal paper to help me with.

One that could potentially have ramifications reverberating around the rest of my life. The choice is leopard print or tutu, and I ask you – what would you do?

Tonight is the Scottish Fashion Awards. I shall be backstage interviewing triumphant winners and commiserating losers.

Except I’ve put myself in a precarious position. I’m making my own dress for Scotland’s biggest night in fashion.

Why? I hear you cry. Because I clearly want to give myself a stomach ulcer before I’m 30 with all the stress.

Last week the lassies at John Lewis put me through sewing machine 101.

I must admit, being shown the stitches brought me out in sweats. Those famous last words of “like I’ll ever need to know how to sew” as I dodged home economics at high school came crashing back to haunt me as the simplicity of it all seemed much more astrophysics than I’d planned for.

I selected the fabric for two frocks and now I need you to tell me which one is fit for the tartan carpet.

A full length floating chiffon maxi dress in my signature leopard print? Or powder pink tuelle with silk overlay that would make any prima ballerina proud?

What’s it to be? Leave and comment below to tell me.


The resounding winner on twitter was pink tutu frock. I had to style up this sugary sweet creation with some studded leather and Vivieene Westwood heels

Lynne McCrossan: Will homespun challenge make me better off? - Fashion -

Lynne McCrossan: Will homespun challenge make me better off? - Fashion -

Never being one to shy away from a challenge has its moments.

There was the time I was roped into free falling off the Forth Bridge for charity.

Holding my breath while driving through the Clyde Tunnel is mandatory in the McCrossan household.

And food challenges have frequently left me lavvy-bound over the years.

So when the gauntlet was thrown down to make and wear my own clothes for the next six months I said yes before even thinking about it.

The fact I’ve never owned a sewing machine, let alone used one, provided plenty of laughs at my expense.

Undaunted I took myself to John Lewis to find the sewing machine of my dreams. As soon as I clapped eyes on the peachy-toned device I knew she was the one.

I called her Coral to match her colour and we’ll be having our first date, formally known as an introduction tutorial, tomorrow afternoon.

The challenge is to see how cheap it really is to make your own clothes. I’m going to factor fabric cost with the amount of time it takes to make a garment and off-set that against the price I paid for my machine.

In a recession, is it really cheaper to create your own wardrobe or will I find the high street fairer priced than I thought?

Either way, my first frock will be made and worn to the Scottish Fashion Awards next week, nothing like a baptism of fire to get started.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

ECA graduate collection for EEN

Tuesday was one hell of a shoot.

Outside the Scottish Parliament my model's Eunice&Lamsa are doing their thing, Jayne, my photog is in full swing and a police man comes striding over asking if we have permission to take pictures outside parli.

The short answer was yes, I'd cleared everything through the press office before hand. To which they informed me you don't need clearance to shoot outside the building but it was nice of me to ask.

Tried explaining that to the copper only resulted in me having to call the press team to clarify - jeeze louise!

Proving something I'd suspected all along, fashion can get you arrested!

Here's a sneaky peek at one of the images from next weeks shoot. Those are some talented fashion students...