Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cherry blossom haze

There's nothing quite like a bit of cherry blossom on a spring day to snap you out of a bad mood.

I could feel the rage clouds descending this morning as I piled a rigid baby into his push chair and attempted to pull the bulldog off the couch for his morning walk.

After a rather boisterous start to the day I knew Pig needed burrelled around the block or I'd have hell to pay. Needless to say neither boy was playing ball and my blood was beginning to boil. Just want you want before the clock reaches double digits.

But as I turned up the street en route to the park the cherry blossom fluttered around me, falling at my feet, melting my bad mood away each peachy pink petal at a time.

The air still had its morning nip, and the sun hadn't quite burnt through Edinburgh's murky harr but the delicate drops of blossom seemed to take the bitter edge right off of the day.

So pretty.

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