Sunday, 25 March 2012

Wedding bells and broken McQueens

After ten years, two bulldogs a baby and mortgage, the Belfast Boy finally made a honest woman of me.

Picking the dress wasn't that hard a task. I hated everything I saw in bridal shops so scoured eBay to find a vintage dress&went about customising her with the help of my talented and beautiful friend Carolyn Baxter who designs the most awesome frocks.

We added some oversized flowers and dip dyed the silk chiffon skirt a peachy tone. It was so fun to do, we are both now hooked at dunking fabric into different colours!

The only hard decision was which shoes to wear. A pair of cream leather Christian Doir platforms or my beloved angel heeled McQueen sandals. After must deliberation McQueen kicked Dior ass and my outfit was complete.

That was until I was mid taxi hail on George Street when the elastic in my McQueen came loose. Here's a shot of me walking down Lothian Road as a bare foot bride. All is fair in love and war - oh, and fashion!

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding - the dress looks great!