Friday, 28 October 2011

Auld Alliance = Great Lunch

In honour of the auld alliance I thought I'd get my French on for a spot of lunch.

There is nothing simpler or more satisfying than banging a baguette and Camembert in the over for 15 mins then tucking into the creamy goo with crusty bread.

Of course I had to put some grapes on the side to ensure I was eating at least one of my five a day with it!

In the words of the great Julia Child's
Bon Appetit.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Furniture fetish

Found this 1950s treasure last week while walking home from town after a lovely lunch with a girlfriend.

I'd been searching in vain for a vintage dresser to slip into the window of my bedroom, but was having no luck. Every time I entered a charity shop I was horrified to find overpriced homogenised pieces of furniture that I could buy cheaper direct from Argos/Asda/Ikea (you get the drift). So, when I spotted this I swooned and reached for the plastic. After all it was only £30 and I was donating to charity in the process.

Good deed and a stylish steal all wrapped up in the same deal. Bliss.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Thanks for the memories #thehour

I had a wee tear in my eye last night when I heard STV had decided to end The Hour. I gave up the show back in April to get ready for the birth of baby Gabriel so had already said my goodbyes to the team, but hearing that it was no longer going to be on air after two years of broadcasting brought back the bye bye's.

I worked on the show for a year and had an absolute hoot shooting each week. I will always think back on it fondly as I was pregnant for half the time I was on air. The team were like a mini family and it was one of the most fabulous jobs I've ever done. So in honour of some tea time telly I'm taking everyone for a wee trip down memory lane.

This was one of my favourite fashion sections. Recreating looks from Boardwalk Empire while being six months up the duff. Good times.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

#couldntmakeitup - RIP lip lust


As I posted the last blog in the other room my beloved bulldog, Pig, picked up coral cloak&devoured her.

RIP lost&found now in the ground lippy.


The tale of the lost lipstick

Last week I treated myself to a little lip lust.

It came in the form of MeMeMe Cosmetics - colour: coral, coral cloak to be exact.

I'd been on the lookout for the perfect shade to compliment my peely wally complexion for months and finally I scouted it in Superdrug.

What made it all the more marvellous was this sumptuous stuff is the most moisturising lipstick I've ever slipped on. That, and it stays put.

So I decided to pop it on today to dress up a dreary outfit and headed for a cuppa.

While multi tasking bouncing the bambini, gossiping with a girlfriend and chugging back coco I felt the urge to slip a coat of coral cloak over chapped feeling lips, dropping it on the floor in the process. I told myself not to forget my new favourite cosmetic, doing just that as we left the bar.

I only realised hours later once said lips started drying out again after scoffing a tasty lunch of mussels&chips.

Devastated, I dialled the bars number (praise be the iPhone for finding it for me) and spoke to the bar manager who remembered us from the morning.

Popping me on hold he went off for a hunt. And there, under the chair he found my long lost lippy.

Sheer joy surged through my body. A tad dramatic you may feel, but I'd barely broke its seal!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lady in the Leopard print boot

Wednesday's fashion shoot was a hoot.

The heavens opened on us in true Edinburgh style but the team&I were one step ahead of the weather and managed to shoot outdoors without the rain ruining our photo call.

Our theme was 'new mod'. The look takes the iconic 60s trend and infuses a little 80s tailoring with 90s Brit pop anorak attitude.

Here's a sneaky peek at a pair of boots we used for one of my favourite outfits. In true 'lady in the leopard print shoe' style....

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Raspberry on Ruby - #manicuremagic

Can't get enough of this deep pink nail polish from Topshop. You'd think I'd been bathing in it I've gone through so many bottles. It's the perfect tone to off set all those autumnal colours that are kicking around the wardrobe this time of year.

To make sure your manicure is super shiny without hitting the nail bar there is one rule. Buff. Removing the nail ridges makes the polish stay on longer and gives your nail's that extra glossy finish without having to top coat.