Tuesday, 4 May 2010

girls who are boys who like boys to be girls...

I carry a dirty little secret around with me. Well it's more a guilty pleasure really. I dared never share for fear of judgment - that was until I discovered I'm not the only gal of my generation carrying such guilt. I, Lynne McCrossan, love a man in a full face of make-up. I blame Jim Henson turning Bowie into the most beautiful Goblin King the Labyrinth could have hoped for - from the age of three I was convinced all bad boys wore smoky eyes.

Tim Curry confused me while working a full red pout in Rocky Horror... did I dig men or women? Or just men dressed as women?! I still can't walk past a basque without longing for him.

Then there's the Izzard - the man gets better looking with every year he ages - add gloss to that equation and it does funny things to a woman.


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