Saturday, 22 May 2010

Oh what a wonderful week...

Here's the wonderful week that was in pictures...

Pig sunbathed...

My book was sent to the designers...

I swapped accessories with a stranger...

And spotted my first ladybird of the season.


Monday, 10 May 2010

Style Tried&Tested:Draping

This week's challenge was draping. I'm a big fan of this trend because it's so flattering to the female form. Think loose, free flowing fabric. This tend is a bit of a constant on the runways and can be worn everywhere from the office to your day off. We saw Lanvin put a beautiful charcoal chiffon jumpsuit down their runway, Balenciaga draped leather to create cute little mini dresses and Burberry Prorsum paired nude chiffon skirts with structured belted jackets for their Spring/Summer show.

I went with Burberry's suggestion and created a look for work. This simple shift dress with draping detail down the front also has a beaded neckline so you don't have to think about accessories. Grab a scarf, pair of court shoes and go.

Dress from Pied A Terre in stone £140.00
Scarf from Oasis £18.00
Shoes are called Geneva from Bertie £80.00. I just loved the reptile effect scales with that skinny heel.

8/10 for 'would you wear it' - I love the nude colour but I'm a bit of a spiller.
9/10 for comfort. The dress feels like butter on! And I could walk for miles in those killer heels, they were really comfortable.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

girls who are boys who like boys to be girls...

I carry a dirty little secret around with me. Well it's more a guilty pleasure really. I dared never share for fear of judgment - that was until I discovered I'm not the only gal of my generation carrying such guilt. I, Lynne McCrossan, love a man in a full face of make-up. I blame Jim Henson turning Bowie into the most beautiful Goblin King the Labyrinth could have hoped for - from the age of three I was convinced all bad boys wore smoky eyes.

Tim Curry confused me while working a full red pout in Rocky Horror... did I dig men or women? Or just men dressed as women?! I still can't walk past a basque without longing for him.

Then there's the Izzard - the man gets better looking with every year he ages - add gloss to that equation and it does funny things to a woman.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Style Tried&Tested: Denim on Denim

This week I was asked to pull off a little denim on denim. I have to say I was more than anxious about it since I have recurring double denim dreams of a time when I thought denim mini's team with denim jackets were hawt, oh the shame.

But in the name of red neck fashion I dug deep and did it, only to discover it wasn't as bad as I thought. There appears to be a lot of differing opinions on how to do this look; some say avoid belts, others state they are a must. Some stress to avoid cowboy boots, others suggest injecting a little cowboy is a plus. Some side with skinny jeans and baggy shirts and other swear the opposite. As I was a fan of neither I opted for this...

Boyfriend jeans: £14.99 H&M
Denim Shirt with shoulder detail: £7.99 H&M
Studded belt: £65.00 Sam Thomas
Truly Madly Deeply Roda Rosen Tee: £28.00 Urban Outfitters
Brown suede boots: currently on sale at Carvela - were £150.00

Two different shades of denim are the easiest way to achieve the look, I felt popping a belt on broke everything up which I personally liked. I went for a funky T underneath as I just couldn't bare the thought of buttoning up the shirt. If you are opting for a baggier jean turn them up at the bottom, along with rolling the sleeves of your shirt up too. I had to pair everything together with heels so high I was in danger of vertigo as it was the only way to counteract feeling a little butch.

Marks out of 10...
Happy to be seen out in it: 4/10 - I'm just not a jean gal.
Comfort: 6/10, the heels are what made the outfit for me, but being so high they were difficult to maneuver.