Friday, 16 April 2010

Style Tried&Tested: Tribal

This week my Style Tried&Tested challenge was to tackle tribal. You can do it in two different ways. Pick one bright block colour and accessories with tribal-esq chunky jewellery (golds, turquoise, wood), shoes and bag to add texture and depth to the look - think aztec patterns for an easy way to wear it. Or, you can let your dress do all the tribal talking for you - I opted for the later.

Halston Heritage have brought out this gorgeous 'knot shoulder dress' that can easily take you from day to night. The print is perfect for tribal and is so colourful you can't help but feel your mood elevate the moment you step into it.

I paired the dress with flat sandals to show how easy it is to wear during the day. A killer pair of wooden wedges will see you right for the night look. The blue beading on the brown sandals keeps the look on trend and acts like some extra jewellery so you don't have to go too mad with accessories. I picked up a couple of gold bangles to tie everything together.

DRESS: HALSTON HERITAGE £225.00 from Jane Davidson - this is a personal favourite with the gal's in store.
SHOES: £40.00 from Sam Thomas
BANGLES also from Sam Thomas - there's always an amazing selection of accessories in here.
happy to be seen out in it: crazy question - it's Halston 10/10
comfort: 10/10 fabric is soft and sandals are flat, perfect for pounding the pavement in.

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