Friday, 9 April 2010

Style Tried&Tested: Posh Sportswear

This week my Style 'Tried&Tested' came in the form of posh sportswear. The mere mention of gym gear gets me in a flap as I've never been a fan or either - gyms or workout clothes. But in the name of fashion I vowed to give it a go to see if... A) The look was easy to pull off and B) If I would actually wear it out. So I hit the shops to find that happy medium between what the runways and fashion house are telling us to wear and what I feel comfortable putting myself in. This is what I found...

Urban Outfitters have this fabulous Van Halen sweat top (£35.00) that falls off the shoulder. I'm a big fan of shoulder exposure - it's by far my favourite body part to show off, much less obvious than your chest and a little less daunting than putting your pins on display.

The three quarter length jogging bottoms with draw string waist were incredibly comfy to wear. They can be found at H&M for a steal at £12.99. But the real clincher with this outfit for me is those red and orange suede high heels with built in platform from Carvela (£150.00) and that sweet little lip shaped purse with union jack detail on it by Lulu Guinness (£395.00). I picked up the purse in Jane Davidson here in Edinburgh.

Marks out of ten...
happy to be seen out in it: 9/10

All in all I think this is a really easy look to pull off, add your own personality and accessories with whatever you like.

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