Friday, 26 March 2010

A Lady's Lust for Leopard Print

Lusting after leopard print can begin at any age. So I thought I'd indulge your sweet tooth with three of my favourite picks on the high street right now....

Starting at the top with our most exquisite (and expensive) pair are the CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN
£815.00 - find it at

Moving onto that funky little ankle boot from Red Or Dead, with zig zag cut out embellishing and heel so high you're in danger of a nose bleed (like we'd have it any other way!). They're loving dubbed the Zee Zee Leopard Boots and are currently on sale from £99.00 to £50 - BARGAIN! find them at

Last but by no means least is our last leopard print offering from Office. I spotted these boots on a girlfriend of mine just after Christmas and am sooooo pleased they are still around - for a fraction of the price! Perfect for funkin up any outfit and pavement pounding the OFFICE CASPAR THIGH BOOT LEOPARD MICROFIBRE is currently down from £90.00 to £35.00... what you waiting for? If you love, get 'em before they go! p.s if Office run out before you get there head to a place called 'The Garage' they had the exact same pair for £35.00 too.


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